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Sunstar Spa Tops™ Exceed Safety Standards! The Sunstar Spa Top™ is designed as a thermal insulating locking safety cover for your spa. It also keeps dirt out and conserves water.

Sunstar spa covers are UL classifiedIn 1993, our covers were first tested by an independent lab to comply with the ASTM Safety Standard. All models passed and Sunstar was the first spa cover manufacturer to offer a safety labeled cover. In 1994, Sunstar was the first to receive UL Classification and our covers are the only spa covers classified for ASTM Safety on all sizes, densities and models, even swim spas.

You can feel confident that Sunstar builds a spa cover which is favored by safety code officials nationwide. We are proud to offer the UL Classification mark on our covers. When used according to the instructions, the Spa Top™ meets the ASTM F1346-91 Manual Safety Cover Standard as Classified by Underwriters Laboratories(UL 4Z00).

ASTM developed standards which include a category intended to protect children five years of age and under. However, you should not rely on any single device to guarantee safety around your spa or pool. Using several devices to provide "layers of protection" is considered the best approach by safety experts. Adult supervision is the only way to prevent accidents. At greatest risk are children under five years of age. Be sure to maintain constant eye contact with children whenever they are near or could get near any body of water.

The ASTM Standard includes specific performance tests and labeling requirements. Covers must be able to pass tests such as static load tests for weight support, perimeter deflection tests for entry or entrapment between the cover and the side of the pool, and surface drainage tests to see if a dangerous amount of rain could collect on the cover's surface. There are also requirements to include labeling in consumer information and on the cover itself.

Labeling must contain the proper warnings (as described by the Standard) and identify the product as a safety cover. For more information on the ASTM Standard and how it affects your personal spa cover, you may request Sunstar's FACT Sheet entitled ASTM Safety Cover Standards or contact Sunstar's Customer Service Department. 800-438-8677

Discover why Sunstar is the premier developer of elegant, durable and energy efficient hot tub and spa covers for most hot tubs and spas in the industry. Contact us Toll Free at (888) 887-5830 or fill out our contact form at Contact Sunstar.